Home Staging Service in Harlingen, TX

When your home is one of many on the current market, you need to set it apart from the rest. That’s where property staging comes in. If you want to give your home the edge it needs, turn to Annette Baker from Set to Sale, LLC. I can make your home look cozy and livable in Harlingen, TX.

Why Stage Your Home?

As a Realtor I have listened to buyers in the house-hunting process, they often have many options to choose from. So one way to get them to notice your home quickly is through a home staging service.

Home staging will allow a home to look its very best. It will deemphasize the current owner’s personality and allow the buyer to imagine themselves inside the home. It can create the impression of a well-organized and -maintained home. The beautiful nature of a staged home will often give buyers the right impression straight away. All in all, these work together to make buyers fall in love with your home.

As a Realtor, this service is free when you list your property with me. Studies show a staged home sells faster and for a higher dollar amount.

How Can I Help?

When you decide to sell your home, you might not know how to best present it to prospective homebuyers. That’s where I step in. Not only do I have the expertise as a Stager, but I am also a Realtor.

I will look over your entire home, determine the best features to focus on, and help you know what you should do to stage it. I can help you know what possessions to store away, what possessions to keep, and what things I can bring in to help your home shine. I can even refurbish vacant homes on the market. I show you how to clean, organize and redecorate your home to help it shine and sparkle.

How Do You Get Started?

If you want to learn more about my home staging service, then call today at (956) 357-0182 or contact me online. I look forward to working with you.